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We Asked Airport Employees To Tell Us The Weirdest Stuff They’ve Witnessed At Work, And They Reallyyy Delivered


Aug 4, 2022

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community who have worked at an airport to tell us about the wildest and weirdest things they’ve witnessed while on the clock. The responses were pure chaos, further proving that airports really bring out the worst in people. Here are some of the most jaw-dropping stories:


1. “I worked at a smaller airport in Ohio for many years and you wouldn’t believe the shenanigans we got into, and we were KIDS! That’s right, the people fueling your plane, stacking your luggage in the pit, and marshaling in your plane were unqualified, untrained 18-year-old kids! My absolute favorite story is when one of those kids didn’t hook up the lavatory cart properly to empty the contents of the plane and the hose popped off, dumping gallons and gallons of shit and everything else you can imagine onto the tarmac AND the people standing below loading bags. Luckily I was not near that end, but the kid was COVERED in shit. Cue everyone projectile vomiting and those of us not around laughing our butts off!”



2. “Years ago, I worked on one of those two-person trucks that put food on airplanes. The job meant lots of time sitting and waiting for our plane while getting our brains rattled by all the planes taking off and landing. One summer day, we saw a big propeller-operated cargo plane from Central America land and park off the runway not far from our truck. Two men exited the plane via the front stairway. One walked around back, opened a big cargo hatch, then strolled into the belly of the plane. Seconds later, he came flying out like he’d been shot from a cannon. Right after him came many dozens of large black snakes. They slithered all over the runways and roadway. We never found out what the situation was. All I can tell you is this: It was unbelievable to watch.”


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