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Woman Waves To Bear, Cracks Up When Bear Waves Back


Aug 9, 2021

Yogi always said he was “smarter than the average bear”, but I think the giant Kodiak featured in this video could give him a run for his money!

Captured at the Olympic Game Farm located in Washington, this video shows a bear having the most adorable interaction with a couple in their car.

Located in Sequim, Washington, the Olympic Game Farm is a self-described “drive-through wildlife exhibit” boasting a number of exotic animals.

Fun fact: the farm actually used to be a holding facility for Disney Studio’s animal actors. It was called ‘Disney Wild Animal Ranch’, and animals would be cared for and housed here while they weren’t busy filming.

Nowadays, people are free to drive through the park and can feed the residents a variety of pre-approved treats. Whether you’re looking for llamas, yaks, zebras, bears, elks, deer, or more— you’ll find them at Olympic Game Farm!

A few months ago, a young couple decided to tour the farm and check out its collection of wild animals. While they were there, they had an amazing interaction with the park’s resident brown bear.

In the short, 4-second video, a woman drives by an enclosed bear.

She stretches her arm out of the window and enthusiastically waves at the animal.

What happens next is an unforgettable moment that has the internet laughing out loud!

I honestly don’t want to ruin the surprise, but I’ll just say this: the farm should slash their advertising budget and use this clip as a commercial— forever.

For those who know anything about bears, this guy’s little trick isn’t totally surprising. Bears are known to be highly intelligent creatures, with their intelligence ranking somewhere between higher primates and dogs. In fact, many wildlife biologists consider bears to be one of the most intelligent land animals in North America.

Bears have the biggest and most convoluted brains relative to body size of any land mammal and are highly-evolved social creatures. They have structured hierarchies of status and have even been observed sharing resources. As with any creature, intelligence and personality will vary on an individual basis, but overall, most researchers will tell you bears are a lot smarter than you think!

It’s possible the bear was taught to do this amazing trick, or maybe he just learned it was a great way to get treats. Whatever the case, he deserves an A for effort— because the results are downright adorable.

The video may be short, but it’s definitely sweet— and people can’t get enough!

“He must be Canadian.”

“Hugging this bear would almost be worth the mauling.”

“That bear is more polite than most people!”

“Best video on the entire internet!!!!”

Watch the charming interaction below!

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