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Abandoned Dog Waits In The Same Spot For 4 Years Until Family Finally Shows Up


Aug 8, 2021

Dogs are, without a doubt, one of the most loyal animals known to man. Once they’ve found their “people,” they will stay by their side until the very end. Sadly, however, many dogs are abandoned by their families.

The many stories of them waiting for years for their owners to come back are certainly proof of this trait. But what happens when a dog, separated from its owner for a long time, finds companionship in the new people he meets?

Surviving alone

Leo is a dog from Thailand. He went viral because of his amazing story. According to Dog Thailand, the poor dog was accidentally left behind by his owners somewhere near a local gas station around four years ago. Perhaps hoping his masters would eventually return for him, the loyal dog never left his spot.

Fortunately, Leo was never truly alone. Seeing the struggling stray, people around the area decided to help him out. Saowalak, a 45-year-old woman, actually took the poor pup back to her home after feeding him. However, Leo just kept on escaping only to return to his old spot by the side of the road.

In the end, she let him but still brought over some food regularly so she wouldn’t have to worry about him going hungry.

Meanwhile, another local, Anuchit Uncharoen, was also concerned about Leo and decided to post some photos of the dog online to find his family. He mentioned how the dog had been in the same spot waiting for his owner.

Set in his new home

That’s when the internet did its magic. After being shared on social media, the photos finally reached their intended target – Leo’s missing family. They eventually got in contact with Anuchit, telling him how the dog in the pictures looked like BonBon.

Apparently, they lost BonBon back in 2015. After their search for him left them with little hope, the family was resigned and assumed that they would never see him again.

The family and BonBon/Leo got the chance to see each other again. But while both seemed happy to be reunited, it also seemed like something has changed with BonBon in the years of their separation.

In the end, the dog didn’t want to come home with them and appeared to prefer to stay behind with the woman who had been caring for him all of those long years. Luckily, his family relented and let him remain with Saowalak and promised to just help care for him the best way they could.

Coming Together

BonBon is certainly lucky to have found his way into a community of people who cared for his welfare after his owners lost him. His case is somewhat similar to the story of another abandoned dog who was left alone on the side of the road in Castle Rock, Colorado.

According to a report from Fox News Denver, concerned citizens from the Castle Valley Ranch subdivision found an abandoned dog but were unable to keep him in one place for his safety.

This then prompted a community-wide effort to find her before exposure to the elements harmed her. They were nervous about the potential for her to end up stuck outside in the ice and snow.

Fortunately, the dog was eventually rescued when she walked into a neighbor’s garage.

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